QM2015 proceedings is online (Oct. 6, 2016).

The proceedings for Quark Matter 2015 will be published in a special issue of Nuclear Physics A (NPA), which includes contributions from plenary talks, parallel talks, and poster flash talks. To celebrate a quarter-century anniversary of this conference series, we are planning to collect special contributions as well. The printed matter will be shipped to all the registered participants.

* Important Information *
The submission deadline is December 31st, 2015 and it cannot be guaranteed that delayed contributions would be included in the proceedings. The page limit is 8 pages for plenary talks, 4 pages for parallel talks and poster flash talks.

The authors should use the LaTeX template files LaTeX template files (click the left to download a zipped file). All the contributions should be submitted through the Elsevier Editorial System (EES) and will be refereed.

* Some Tips *
Here are some tips to avoid submission troubles. You should first login at EES for NPA as an author and find the following Author Main Menu.

Author Main Menu

Then, you should click Submit New Manuscript. On the next page you will find Choose Article Type and as shown below "SI: NPA_Quark Matter 2015" should be your choice.

Choose Article Type

The next point is important to keep in mind.

You should compile source TeX files to create a pdf file with your local computer, and then upload this pdf file as "Manuscript"
(see an example picture below). Also you should upload a dot.tex file, a dot.bib file (if you use BiBTeX), and all figure files as "LaTeX Source Files". Please do NOT assign your dot.tex file as "Manuscript" (as is the case in some other submission systems).

Choose Article Type

After submission a pdf file will be created on the EES. Please view your submission to confirm that everything is as supposed to be. Then, finally, pressing "Approve Submission", you are all set!