Below are recommended options for travel to the conference site, which is located at Rokko Island (a man-made island) in the vicinity of the main part of Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture.

From Sumiyoshi station of the JR Tokaido line:

Transfer to the Rokko-Island line, which starts from this station. The conference site is directly accessible from the Island-center station, the fourth stop of the line.

Domestic travel within Japan:

Travel directly to the Rokko Island conference site or travel by train to the Sumiyoshi station of the JR Tokaido line and follow directions above.

Air travel

The closest major airports to the conference site are Kansai international (Osaka) [1] and Itami for domestic flights [2]. There are also connecting flights available from Narita (Chiba, 40 min train ride to Tokyo)[3] and Haneda (Tokyo)[4].

Ground Transportation: The Island-center station and the conference venue are just next to the Kobe Bay-Sheraton hotel, which is accessible bus or train (see above). Prices for buses and trains are shown below in Japanese Yen.

You can visit this page (Access and Orientation in Kobe) to get the information on how to travel to Kobe from Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe airport, Kansai Airport.

From Kansai (Closest international airport):

We recommend the very convenient limousine bus service from the airport to the Kobe Bay-Sheraton hotel at Rokko Island and to Kobe (JR San-no-miya station. The bus departs from Terminal 1, bus stop no. 6, every 20 minutes from 7:00 until 23:00 to Kobe (75 min ride). The bus to Kobe departing on the hour stops after 60 min. at the Kobe Bay-Sheraton hotel (next to the conference site). The bus costs 1950yen. Check the Web site for detailed schedule [5].

From Itami (Closest mostly domestic airport):

We recommend the very convenient limousine bus service from the airport to Kobe (JR San-no-miya station). The bus departs every 30 minutes from 7:45 until 21:10 [6] everyday. It costs 1050yen and takes 40 minutes.


From Kobe (JR San-no-miya station):

Take the JR Tokaido line in Osaka direction (going East). Get off the train at Sumiyoshi station, which is the fourth stop from San-no-miya. This is an 8 min ride. Please take a local train at San-no-miya so that you do not miss the Sumiyoshi station. From Sumiyoshi station follow directions above.

From Haneda (Tokyo):

We recommend taking a connecting flight to Itami or Kansai, and following the directions above. However, if you prefer to travel by train, the path will be: Haneda -> Shinagawa -> Shin-Osaka -> Kobe (JR Sumiyoshi station) -> Island center station. You should first take the Keikyu line [7] that starts from Haneda and serves to Shinagawa, and then transfer to a JR Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train going for Osaka direction, over to Shin-Osaka (going west). Please take e hour ride and costs ~3000yen. Note that JR Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen starts from the Tokyo station (and going to Osaka direction). Get off the train at Shin-Osaka station. From Shin-Osaka, please take the JR Tokaido-line heading for Kobe (going West) and get off at the Sumiyoshi station. It takes about 30 minutes. Then, follow directions above.

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  • Special thanks to Brant Johnson, Gabor David for their advices.